Does Lafanda pay dividends?

Yes, we do.

Your account may be either credited or debited if you are trading a stock, ETF or index that pays a dividend, whether it is a manually opened position or a position within a copy or Smart Portfolio.

If you hold a BUY position, you will receive the dividend payment to your available balance.
If you hold a SELL position, the dividend payment will be deducted from your available balance.

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What is dividends?

A dividend is a payment made by a company to its shareholders, typically as a distribution of profits.
Dividends can be issued in the form of cash or shares of stock, and are usually paid out on a regular basis, such as quarterly or annually.
Dividends are often used as a way for companies to return value to shareholders and can be an important source of income for investors.

Some companies may choose to reinvest their profits instead of paying dividends, choosing to grow their business rather than return profits to shareholders.

Step 1

Create an account

To start trading on our website, you will need to create an account by providing your personal information and completing the registration process.

Step 2

Fund Your Account

Once your account is created, you will need to fund it with money before you can start trading. This can typically be done using a credit card, bank transfer, or other payment methods supported by the website.

Step 3

Start trading

Once your account is funded, you can start trading by selecting the assets you want to buy or sell, and placing orders through the website's trading platform. It's important to have a good understanding of the markets and trading strategies before placing orders.