As a growing sector of the investment products universe, ETFs are well suited for implementing a variety of investment opportunities. They include investment themes covering equities, fixed income, and alternative strategies. Use ETFs to establish a core allocation, diversify existing portfolios, or implement new strategies. Our platform also offers support for ETFs in options trading and short selling.

Commission Rebate Program

Interactive Brokers' "fee waived" no transaction fee (NTF) program offers over 150 exchange-
traded funds (ETFs) which reimburse IBKR Pro clients for commissions paid on ETF shares held
for at least 30 days. IBKR Lite clients always pay $0 commissions on ETFs.

Why stop at 0%

The advantages of buying shares on Lafada do not end with unbeatable pricing:

  • No limit on trading volume
  • Ability to buy fractional shares
  • Receive notifications on volatility and market events
  • Free access to TipRanks expert stock analysis
  • IBKR Broker You Can Trust
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